The UCS TeleBox is almost anything you can imagine in remote controlling equipment and receiving sensor data.

  • Do you need want to control with a radio button warning lights when blasting is in session on a mine site?
  • Do you need to turn on/off a pump remotely?
  • Do you want to get a message on your phone when a pump kicks on or a door is opened?
  • Do you want to open/close a door with a motorola radio?
  • Are you in waste managemnt and need scale data transmitted across your radio network and stored in a database for viewing later?
  • Are you a smaller operation that doesn't have PLC's controlling your equipment and need an simple easy solution?
  • Do you need a custom soution that you can't find anywhere?

The UCS TeleBox can do all the above and more!

UCS isn't just a reseller. Were also a solution provider. If you have a problem, let us help you fix it.

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