UCS Wireless is committed to providing integrated solutions that easily enhance your business communications. Our Solutions are comprehensive, affordable, and easy to implement, regardless of your current equipment and service.

We understand the evolution of communication technology, having our roots in two-way radio. In the age of smart-phones, businesses are looking to maximize their current investments in their communication technologies, and keep their organization connected.

Our solutions allow the functionality of the latest technology, with the ease-of-use and safety one-button push-to-talk provides.

UCS Wireless was established in 1979 by Motorola engineers and is the number one Motorola digital two-way dealer in the United States, by volume. UCS Wireless Provides extensive network RF experience, in many business aspects, specializing in the ski resort, hospitality and mining industries. We also have deployed Innovative Third-Party Applications, in order to take full advantage of digital radio features and capabilities.

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