Communication Solutions for Mining

  • Digital surface and underground communication systems
  • Full scale mine-wide voice and DATA collection
  • TurboNet dispatch systems
  • Single-site to Multi-site communications (very wide areas)
  • Blast alert siren notification
  • Man-down emergency alert notifications
  • Rugged, waterproof, shock proof, dust proof, handhelds and truck-mount radios
  • Underground leaky feeder voice and DATA communications

Announcement Application

Enhances Mine Safety Procedures. Employees and Contractor are alerted to current conditions upon entering mine property. These conditions could range from blast status and blast areas to weather conditions as well as potential evacuations and equipment requirements. We can leverage your MOTOTRBO digital radio network to help enhance safety procedures. From the dispatch console a simple mouse click will initiate an alert to the entire mine by audible alerts from the radio and flashing lights. Mine Personnel or Contractor toggles to an announcement channel for updated conditions.

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Uses existing radio network and Trbo Datalogger to automate pulling data from different areas on the mine to a command control console to monitor changes in Piezometers, Inclinometers, Extensometers as well as anything else that would need to be monitored for changes.

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Paperless MSHA Forms Compliance System (Forms Radio)

Provides a wireless and fully paperless means to fill-out and administer Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) forms, directly on the MOTOTRBO™ portable radios used for day to day communications. Forms such as vehicle maintenance, and validation of vehicle operator licences are completed on the portable radios and checked in real time over the MOTOTRBO™ network. Entry of Forms information directly onto the radio, with guaranteed form delivery, eliminates paperwork, lost forms and data transcription. In addition the system immediately alerts supervisory staff via email when operators report deficiencies in operational equipment.

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